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R. Elizabeth Scarborough, Therapist / Owner

I was always interested in human physiology and knew early in life that I wanted to help people on their path to healing. I went to Florida International University for undergrad before obtaining a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy from Nova Southeastern University.


I have worked as an OT in a variety of therapy settings including in-patient psychiatric, pediatrics, physical disabilities (spinal injuries, brain injuries and other acute situations), orthopedics, geriatrics, post-acute rehab and out-patient rehabilitation. 

After years of working in traditional therapy settings, I had grown frustrated and bored. Western therapy is driven by insurance reimbursement and it often feels like a therapy assembly line. Therapist are stuck in a box doing the same one-size-fits-all therapy; repetitive exercises, hot packs, ultrasound, REPEAT. Most therapist never even physically touch the patient and often they have several patients on different machines at the same time. There's little to no connection. Effective documentation for insurance reimbursement and pleasing employers with good "productivity" sometimes seemed more important than effective treatments. I became a therapist because I wanted to help people, not because I wanted to spend hours writing treatment encounter notes every day. I set an intention to find something new and a few short weeks later I received a flyer advertising training courses in John Barnes Myofascial Release.

I attended my 1st MFR course and the course of my life was forever changed. I knew instantly that the John Barnes MFR Approach was something special. My intuition was screaming, "This is it"! I couldn't wait to learn more. I continued to learn JBMFR while at the same time receiving treatments myself. Each time I was treated I fell more and more in love with the work because it made such a huge impact on my own path to self discovery. JBMFR has helped me purge sadness from my heart, conquer fears and taught me to be more aware of my physical holding patterns. It has also led to the expansion of my understanding of the body's ability to heal itself and to the value of being centered, grounded and present. I love that this form of therapy doesn't compartmentalize. It sees the physical and emotional components of each of us as inseparable.  It acknowledges the important role that the past is playing on us in the present and helps us process it to have a more joy-filled, pain-free, fully present life. I love this work and it is my joy to share it with my clients! No more boring routine, No more pre-conceived treatment plans. Each session is a new experience. I am led by my connection to the client's body, the client's energy and by following my intuition. This is authentic. This is beautiful. This is therapeutic artistry. This is freedom!

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