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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the treatment be painful?     No. Some areas may initially be tender but MFR never forces or over-stretches like traditional therapy often does. Your therapist will assist you in softening into each hold enabling the restrictions to melt, like butter or taffy, with long (each hand hold is held for 3-5 minutes) gently sustained pressure. When a therapist is too rough it cause the patient to go into "protection" mode which is counter-productive to the goal of MFR. Open communication is fundamental and you are always in control if what you are experiencing becomes too intense let your therapist know and adjustments will be made immediately. 
What can I do to make my treatment more effective? We spend so much of our energy trying to keep a lid on what we have spent decades suppressing because we are afraid that if we let it out, it will be devastating. The most amazing and beautiful MFR session happen when the patient is fully present (not thinking about the grocery list or what they are making for dinner) and when they "take the brakes off" and allow themselves to feel deeply into the sensations they are experiencing. Frequently, memories will arise and the body will move into positions (unwinding) of past trauma facilitating the processing of yet unprocessed/ stuck trauma and emotion. The processing of this stuck energy  frees the "straight jacket" that causes and perpetuates the symptoms. As a patient, the way to get the most out of your treatment session is to be open to letting trapped emotions express themselves in whatever form they arise. The treatment room is a safe space. Nobody every died from crying or shouting! Take the brakes off and let go and you will be amazed.  
How will I feel the next day?  One of the best things about MFR is that it has the potential to trigger personal introspection and growth. Clients often find themselves remembering past experiences with vivid detail as things become unburied from their subconscious.  Events that you were unable to process as a child, your adult self is able to process and move past. Feelings that have become entrapped are released so you are no longer forced to continuously suffer from them. Some patients will find themselves unexpectedly crying as they purge painful experiences from the secret hiding places they have been stuffing all the emotions they thought they were successfully avoiding - later feeling free and light as a feather -no longer burdened by the past. This freedom facilitates the ability to be present and fully in your body.
Is this a type of massage?  No. There are no rubbing or massage-like movements in MFR. The MFR therapist will sink both hands into areas of restriction and gently stretch the underlying fascia. This sustained pressure is often deeply relaxing and can promote feelings of euphoria but it is very different from traditional massage.
What should I wear for my treatment? Women should wear a 2 piece swimsuit, yoga shorts and a sports bra or they can stay in their underwear. Men should be in shorts.
Will my therapist use lotion or oils? No. MFR is performed on dry skin. It is important to have clean, dry skin which is free of any lotions or oils to enable your therapist to stretch the underlying layers of restricted fascia without sliding over the superficial layers of the skin. Please do not use lotion prior to receiving your treatment.
What are your office hours? Alternative Therapy Charlotte is open by appointment only
Do you take my insurance?  Insurance dictates specifically what can and can not be done in a therapy session. In order to provided exactly what each client needs, without being concerned that some pencil-pusher in a cubicle somewhere in another state is going to deny payment, we do not submit insurance claims. We accept cash or credit/debit cards. This enables our focus to be on our patients without concern for a third party payer.

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