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Release, Relax, Unwind, Heal

Expert Level Myofascial Release

Are you ready to release physical and emotional restrictions?



John Barnes and Elizabeth

Alternative Therapy Charlotte specializes in expert level Myofascial Relase to facilitate improved function, increased independence, postural alignment, reduced pain (emotional and physical) and overall well-being. We see you as a whole - not a knee or a back - like in traditional therapy- but as a beautiful being filled with energy and light. In her book "Touching Light", Ronelle Wood paints the following metaphor.: Imagine your fire alarm is going off (emotional or physical pain or distress). To deal with the annoying alarm you hold a pillow over it so it isn't so loud (pharmaceuticals) - or you just leave the house to avoid the problem (numb-out by leaving your body, ice packs, stuffing emotions, etc). These methods of coping might offer short-term relief from the screaming alarm - but the house is still on fire! Much of traditional western medicine focuses on managing symptoms or helping the patient numb themselves which never really addresses the root cause(s) of the problems (the fire). You can't process and heal by covering up and avoiding. The foundation of our therapy services is John Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) which consist of soft tissue mobilization techniques, Rebounding and Unwinding which are designed to work in tandem to take pressure off of pain sensitive structures by addressing the root of the problem. Fascia surrounds each muscle, organ, nerve, blood vessel and cell. Disfunctions, in the form of restrictions, in the fascial system create imbalances and cause pain. MFR releases the fascial restrictions and frees energy that has become trapped in the body secondary to trauma (physical and/or emotional) which create person-specific holding patterns and dysfunction. MFR facilitates a rejuvenation of mind/body/spirit and treats the CAUSE instead of covering up the symptoms as is the case with much of modern Western medicine. Your body was designed to heal itself. Fascial restrictions prevent healing energy from being able to flow freely into these tightly bound spaces which, over time, causes greater and greater imbalance and disease. MFR is vital to restoring alignment, ease, balance and a state of physical and emotional harmony. Plus, it is deeply relaxing and facilitates introspection and personal growth! Awareness is required for genuine healing. As my mentor says, "you've got to feel it to heal it"!


"Science, traditional therapy and medicine have focused on the smallest part of who we are. The Myofascial Release Approach to healing includes all aspects of our mind-body's powerfully creative, healing potential. It's time we utilize all aspects of our power and wisdom for healing!"

-John F. Barnes, PT

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